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Latest Newsletter 06-04-21

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This Weeks Training


Its Just Offsides and Throw-Ins

Will be Led by Dan and Julia Robathan – Thursday 8th April at 7pm

Its a members-only event and you can book on the event here 


Stuart Atwell

Stuart Atwell and his haircut caused quite a stir on Saturday evening, the memes and jokes on Twitter flowed regards a lockdown haircut.

You could say it was harsh and insulting, I can imagine his phone when it was switched back on if Stuarts referee friends are anything like mine, I’m sure it was priceless. 

The thing is nobody is talking about a referee’s decision, his game, positioning, awareness was excellent. Stuart has come a long way, from the early setbacks, Stuart has shown resilience not only to come back fighting but to start pushing into the top tier of the game, he’s improving every game, he’s learning and showing off fitness and positional skills. 

Next time Stuart officiates please watch him, watch how he fights for positions, and something else which is evident on Stuart watch his stride length, how he varies it from short sprints to a long sprint to get in the right position to make a decision. 

Angles, decision making and proximity to play are all good things to watch with Stuart. 

Referee Appointments

Chris Kavanagh - Referee

Premier League Appointments Matchweek 31

Premier League Appointments Week 31

Chris Kavanagh above will officate Spurs vs Man Utd with Adum Nunn and Sian Massey Ellis as assistants. 

Lee Mason Referee

EFL Appointments 9th -13th April

Part 1 of Podcast

 Part 2 of Podcast

Referee Fitness Sessions

Hoggys Fitness for all

Fitness For All

Fitness For All – These sessions are run by former FIFA assistant referee
Andy Hogg

Click Here for details

Sheffield RA

Sheffield RA Fitness Sessions

Visit our friends at Sheffield RA for their weekly Monday night fitness sessions. All Details can be found on their Facebook Page. Also, follow their page for meeting updates, they meet the 3rd Thursday of each Month at 7.30pm – Guest Appearances

New Fitness Coming Soon

It won’t be long till new fitness sessions will be uploaded

If you are from another Referee Association please feel free to submit referee meeting details, we will happily promote for you. As long as referees are accessing support and development then the Referees Association is doing what it was set up to do.

If you have articles you would like to submit please feel free to do so.

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