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Is VAR Working?

Is VAR Working?

Is VAR Working, absolutely not, bad management and bad instructions are leading to the finger-pointing incorrectly being pointed out our current crop of match officials in the PGMOL SG1 (Select Group 1) I will never say it's the referee at fault., they have protocols...

Referee Programs

Youth Football

Receive games in youth football as the person in the middle. Mentored and coached on your exclusive journey. 
Working on the basics in the game and transition from player to referee

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Offsides - 9 aside and 11 Aside Game

Positioning, angles, signs to look out for, always an interesting transition in football for players and referees. Accepting when refereeing on your own on occassion it might not go to plan. 
Resilience Training

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Assistant Refereeing

Specific training to help and support referees learning to be an assistant referee. Being an assistant is easy "Right" its far from easy, some say its harder than being a referee, others love being an assistant refee. We will work with you on this and get you ready for those tough, fast games ahead. 

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Adult Football

The natural progression in your game, the way to promotion and those larger challenges. Understanding the expectations of the players, selling decisions and "no surprises". 
Mentoring and coaching and getting you ready for promotion. 

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Training Events

Look out for our different training camps and nights. Practical and theory, in person and online. 
Do you know visualisation and its power as a referee? 
Canb you read player body language? 
So many difefrent training sessions. 

Mentor & Coaching

Do you need a referee coach or mentor?
Whats the difference a mentor will help, guide and give advice when a day doesnt go to plan. If you require a coach be prepared to take constructive critism, to be the best you must know when you are wrong, you need to learn to reflect on your own game....honestly

Personal Training

Fitness Training and mixing with other officials, the fitness needs in refereeing are often different to those of players. Referees can't hide on teh field of play. Dynamic sprints when you've just covered the length of the pitch.