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Is VAR Working, absolutely not, bad management and bad instructions are leading to the finger-pointing incorrectly being pointed out our current crop of match officials in the PGMOL SG1 (Select Group 1) I will never say it’s the referee at fault., they have protocols their boss instructs them to follow, and we all know what happens in the workplace if you go against the bosses decision and don’t follow company process.

VAR, is it working in the premier league Yes or No

Can VAR work? Absolutely and the answers are really easy but they are being deliberately ignored with “leaders” believing they know most but data and evidence show otherwise.

Remember the words “In the spirit of the game” return these to the Law book and it changes the game for the better.

  • Offsides drop the lines, our top assistants are 99% accurate, watch our amazing assistant referees how often they are correct without VAR measuring to a millimetre. Did you know we also have an assistant referee watching in the VAR bunker? Now take this 99% accurate person in realtime to take a step back, tell them exactly when they will have to make a decision and which players involved, pause the image in front at the moment the ball leaves the attacker’s foot, how accurate do you think they will be? DROP THE LINES
  • KMI (Key match incidents) Goals, Penalties, Red Cards should be its only use, if it takes longer than 30 Seconds, it certainly isn’t clear and obvious and every single one of these decisions which are questionable is shown to the onfield referee.
  • Social Media is key for communication, like other leading countries when a review is taking place, using the match hashtags, give a running commentary, what’s being checked and why, why it’s been given, or why it isn’t. Communication with all the fans, without having to listen to the onfield referee. Those tweets can be shown on the screen in the ground. Educating everyone as we go.

Keep the Game moving and flowing, keep the fans involved because we’ve certainly missed them over the last 12 months. when the match field referee goes to make their decision, we will get the 2nd high or low as supporters, but these will be far less without the lines.

Please leave feedback on my views, I’m open to being educated in the right manner.

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Simon Hall

Steel City Referee Association

(Thoughts are my own)