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Referee Development and Training



Steel City Referee Association
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What Referees will Receive
Online Meetings
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Working Closely with:
Managers / Coaches

A new Modern Referee Association – With YOUR development at the forefront

Referee Development and Training

Welcome to a new look modern referee association.
If you are interested in becoming a referee or you are a referee this is the place to be.
Our priorities are to help all officials achieve what they want to achieve through, training, coaching, active training and a great mentor scheme. 

We will also be working hard with all participants within the game – training, educating and supporting. 


Referee Development and Training

A list of events, and dates for your diary, will appear here. 

Steel City RA – Will be meeting on Monday 21st Sept at 7.00pm 
Meeting link will be posted in our Facebook Group 

Rotherham RA – Details to be confirmed

Sheffield RA have their meeting on Thursday 15th Oct 7.30pm
Guest Speaker details to follow

Referee Development

referee development

If you would like to receive up to date news and information please register your interest by filling in the form, we can keep you informed of all the amazing events, training sessions we have coming up. 

Referee Development and Training

Educating Referees

We will be offering an amazing education programme for referees.

Please sign up to receive updates and the newsletter with so many new initiatives coming our way. 

Referee Training

Our training will be something you’ve not had access to before. 

Working together we will help each other through practical and online training events. 
Building an impressive community of support.

The new group aims to give support like never before. 

Referee Development and Training

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